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Rodney Atkins Coming To Zoom Tan's Live Lounge October 31st!

Rodney Atkins Coming To Zoom Tan's Live Lounge October 31st at NOON!

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Zoom Tan Live Lounge 

Zoom Tan prides itself on offering the latest and greatest UV and Spray Tanning services throughout Florida and NY. But did you know that Zoom Tan also supports good music and live entertainment?!
You might have noticed the very talented Phil Vassar and Justin Moores' presence on the Zoom Tan website recently. These were the most recent artists to perform live in front of a studio audience at the Zoom Tan Live Lounge in the Clear Channel Studios in Ft. Myers, Florida. 

Sheryl Crow, Justin Moore, Phil Vassar, and JWOWW are just a few of those who have made appearances in the Zoom Tan Live Lounge since its' opening in April. The Zoom Tan Live Lounge has also had a few upcoming artists, including Katie Armiger,  pass through and perform their very first singles!

The Zoom Tan Live Lounge has been a great success, and will continue to bring artists through the SWFL area! 

To check out pictures from past events click here.

Where are all of Zoom Tan's New York tanning salons?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, "Where are you guys located?". With our rapid expansion in New York, it can be hard to keep track. So, to help you find us click on any of the links below to find out more about our New York salon locations near you:

Amherst Transit Rd. Tanning Salon
Amherst Eggert Rd. Tanning Salon 
Auburn Tanning Salon
Batavia Tanning Salon
Brighton Tanning Salon 
Camillus Tanning Salon
Canandaigua Tanning Salon
Cheektowaga Tanning Salon
Cicero Tanning Salon
Cortland Tanning Salon
Dansville Tanning Salon
Dewitt Nottingham Rd. Tanning Salon
Dewitt Erie Blvd. Tanning Salon 
Dunkirk Tanning Salon
Fayetteville Tanning Salon
Fulton Tanning Salon
Geneva Tanning Salon
Greece Ridgeway Ave. Tanning Salon 
Henrietta Tanning Salon
Jamestown Tanning Salon
Lancaster Tanning Salon
Liverpool Tanning Salon
Lockport Tanning Salon
New Hartford Tanning Salon 
Niagara Tanning Salon
Orchard Park Tanning Salon
Oswego Tanning Salon
Rome Tanning Salon
Tonawanda Tanning Salon
Victor Tanning Salon
Webster Tanning Salon 

If you don't see a location that is convenient for you, please be patient, we have plans to expand to even more locations throughout New York. So, be sure to watch this page:
New York Tanning Salons

Zoom Tan opens 50th Salon!


With the opening of our newest salon location at: 1993 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34102, we now have 50 salon locations to better serve you.This new location is our fifth in Naples, Florida.

Our other tanning salon locations in Naples are:

1201 Piper Blvd. #5, Naples, FL 34110
1410 Pine Ridge Road, #22, Naples, FL 34108
3370 Pine Ridge Road #2, Naples FL 34109
7071 Radio Rd #101B, Naples FL 34104 

Come visit us at the corner of US 41 and Golden Gate Parkway directly across from Coastland Mall.

For more information visit this page, for more locations in Florida click here, to see all of our locations nationwide click here . No matter which Zoom Tan tanning salon location you choose to visit, we look forward to serving you with the latest in UV and sunless, spray tanning technology.



Rochester, NY– Jan 7, 2013 - Zoom Tan added 22 locations this past year in Florida and New York, proving 2012 to be a success. Zoom Tan will continue its growth throughout 2013 with the opening of five to eight additional locations in Rochester. Zoom Tan first opened its doors in Rochester in August 2012 and since then has been providing quality services from its three locations in Canandaigua, Batavia and Victor. 

In addition to expansion in the Rochester area, Zoom Tan will add six to eight locations in the Buffalo areas as well. There are currently six locations in the Buffalo area since the first location opened in April 2012. 

At Zoom Tan we believe in providing our clients with the highest level of tanning at affordable prices. Zoom Tan is committed to offering its customers a faster, darker, cleaner experience with no commitment. Unlike most salons, Zoom Tan uniquely offers stand up only UV tanning booths. Our equipment has a maximum time limit of 10 minutes which cuts the typical lay down tan time in half. Stand-up UV booths not only offer a faster tan time, but are cleaner, more hygienic, and provide a more even tan.

In addition to their unique UV tanning option, Zoom Tan provides the latest in spray tanning technology. The Versa spa provides customers with three different color options while delivering a flawless tan in less than a minute. Zoom Tan promises to transform you from “pale to perfect” in less then a minute!TM

Zoom Tan has become Florida’s largest tanning salon since its opening in 2008, and is quickly growing in New York. Zoom Tan offers quality service in all 43 locations. Visit the “Locations” section on our website to see when we will be opening near you! Contact Joe Francher at joe@zoomtan.com for more information on future growth.

What is the real motive behind the Sun Scare?

In the newest edition of Smart Tan Magazine (Jan '13) there is an article by Senior VP Joe Levy, addressing the "monetary motives" behind Dermatologists and their sun scare. Dermatologists have been targeting indoor tanning by associating the use of sunbeds with an increase in skin cancer. However, these same dermatologists are not addressing the fact that they use similar devices in their offices to treat cosmetic skin conditions.

Dermatologists and the AAD are quick to class professional indoor tanning salon equipment as carcinogenic, but the use of sunbeds in dermatologists offices are labeled, "the oldest and safest treatments for psoriasis." Here lies the contradiction and the question of whether there is a monetary motive that fuels the sun scare. Dr. Holick, a Vitamin D scientist, suggests that reasonable daily UV exposure may be okay, while Dr. Dahl, the previous president of the AAD (American Association of Dermatology), states "every proton hitting the skin could produce a photo mutation leading to cancer."

The Smart Tan article addresses the contradiction with a quote from a 2010 Smart Tan article,

"If any UV exposure was as dangerous as a recent statement from the AAD claims, then dermatologists would be guilty of violating their Hippocratic Oath for using UV in what they describe as burning dosages to treat purely cosmetic skin conditions."

Smart Tan provides five facts it wants readers to take into consideration when thinking about the force behind the "sun scare". To find out what these five facts are and read the article from Smart Tan Magazine CLICK HERE

Knowing Your Skin Type

There is one thing that Zoom Tan does NOT want to happen to you when you tan...BURNING.
The way we help prevent this is by educating our salon associates on the different skin types. Everyone's skin is unique, which means not everyone is able to face the same amount of UV exposure. Even though our salon associates are educated to make an appropriate recommendation, it is still important to personally be aware of your skin type. 

To avoid burning, whether you are tanning indoors or outdoors, find out what your skin type is below!

Skin type 1. You have light features and are very sensitive to light. You always burn and cannot tan.
Skin type 2. You have light features, are sensitive to light and usually burn. However, you can tan lightly. Developing a tan at a professional tanning salon will be a very gradual process.
Skin type 3. You have a normal sensitivity to light. You do burn on occasion, but you can tan moderately. Developing a tan at a professional salon will be a gradual process.
Skin type 4. Your skin is tolerant of sunlight, so you seldom burn and can tan moderately. You will be able to develop a tan relatively quickly at a professional tanning salon.
Skin type 5. You have naturally dark skin and features. You can develop a dark tan, and you rarely burn. You will be able to develop a tan quickly at a professional tanning salon.
Skin type 6. Your skin is black. You rarely sunburn and have an extreme tolerance to sunlight. Tanning will have little to no effect on the color of your skin.


Melanoma Risk May Be Genetic for Redheads

Melanoma Risk May Be Genetic for Redheads

"The problem with this widely held belief is that melanoma often appears on skin that is not exposed to the sun, which suggests sun exposure may actually be only a scapegoat while other variables are the true culprit."

November 2nd is Vitamin D Day!

October 2012 Events!

The Syracuse Zoom Tan team was at the Syracuse Business Expo introducing Zoom Tan to over 7,000 attendees.

Zoom Tan enjoyed a night out at the Florida Everblades home opener against the Orlando Solar Bears on October 12

The Lani Kai celebrated its first National Bob Day with an afternoon of bobbing for apples to win prizes!

"Yeah Baby" brought in over 3,000 mommies to be in Syracuse and the Zoom Tan Team was there, ready to provide all the moms to be with a golden glow.

Zoom Tan LOVES brides and being part of their big day! The Tampa Zoom Tan team was present at the Bridal Show October 7.

Clinical Oncology News - Vitamin D Linked to Breast Cancer Survival, Tumor Size

 "Vitality and vitamin D very likely could be linked for women diagnosed with early, primary breast cancer, according to a study. Higher serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25[OH]D) levels among 1,800 women significantly correlated with improved survival and lower relapse rates, particularly among postmenopausal patients."

 To read more on the subject follow the link provided.

Clinical Oncology News - Vitamin D Linked to Breast Cancer Survival, Tumor Size

Zoom Tan is taking over New York

Zoom Tan opened its 39th location this morning in Orchard Park, NY. This marks the 4th location in Buffalo and the 13th Zoom Tan location in Upstate New York! Almost to 40 stores in 4 years!

Dr. Mercola Reveals Crucial Information About Vitamin D3

Rossen Reports: Are sunscreen labels misleading you?

Rossen Reports: Are sunscreen labels misleading you?

Marmur said ultrahigh SPFs can even be dangerous. “The harm of buying these higher SPFs is this false sense of security — that you're completely protected all day long.”

Age Requirements NY

What are the age requirements to tan at Zoom Tan?

Ever wondered what the age requirements are to Tan at Zoom Tan? You've come to the right place to find out.

Florida law requires a parent signature for anyone under the age of 18 before they can begin their first UV tanning session. Once we've received parental permission, we will not need another signature again. Though, you still must follow the 24 hour rule- keeping a full 24 hours in between each and every UV tanning session. Even if you've never tanned before, the employees at Zoom Tan will suggest the ideal time for each individual to help prevent burning. And remember, eye protection is always required during every tanning session! We have several options to choose from at all our salons.
New York law states that anyone UNDER the age of 17 can NOT UV tan. It is required that anyone under the age of 18 (17 years of age) have a parent signature before they can begin their first UV tanning session.

Our spray tan age requirements are different- You're not required to have a parental signature at all before receiving a spray tan in the VersaSpa as you are not exposed to UV rays. This is a great alternative for those who want a tan but are unable to use the UV booths.

If you or a parent have any questions, feel free to ask! We'll be sure to answer as quickly and thoroughly as possible!

"Vitamin D deficiency linked to cancer"

Over the past few months we have seen the media and anti tanning groups turn sunlight into our enemy. Commercials, advertisements, dermatologists, etc have been smothering us with negative information about sun exposure. Although there are those who are aware of both sides of sun exposure and its affects, there are those who still choose to avoid the sun (indoor and outdoor) 100%. There is little to no information on how HARMFUL it actually is to avoid the sun. 

Foxprovidence.com published an article by Matt Smith, "Vitamin D deficiency linked to cancer", which informs readers that avoiding the sun altogether can be the cause of many other types of cancers. The article quotes Dr. Charles Fuchs of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

"Vitamin D has the ability to turn certain genes on and off, and it appears its ability to do that, turns on genes that have anti-cancer properties,” said Dr. Fuchs. Dr. Charles Fuchs, the director of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, is studying vitamin D as a cancer fighter.

With all of the negative misinformation on sun exposure, people are not receiving the levels of Vitamin D that are needed to fight other disease. The most at risk are "people with darker skin, those with a BMI over 30, and people living in the Northeast."

Click here to watch the video and read the full article


Patients told to spend more time in the sun to reduce impact of DH advice on vitamin D supplements - Pulse

Patients told to spend more time in the sun to reduce impact of DH advice on vitamin D supplements - Pulse

8 Household Items to Help Sunburn

There has been a lot of talk recently about some of the main ingredients found in sunscreen, and how they could be doing more harm than good.  This makes me think...what about all of the after sun care products? What kind of chemical ingredients would I find in those?

Fortunately I stumbled upon an article on natural remedies for sunburn that I think is important to share.
This list is compiled of foods and products found in most homes.

1. Tomatoes - Tomatoes contain antioxidants which are great for helping inflammation.
2. Baking Soda
3. Yogurt
4. Cucumber
5. Chamomile Tea
6. Aloe Vera
7. Apricots
8. Over the Counter Painkillers
 This is a great list of natural remedies for sunburn created from everyday household items. (minus the OTC Painkillers)

Read the article from Shine on Yahoo

Is Your Sunscreen Safe? New Study Shows Less than 1 in 4 Are

Is Your Sunscreen Safe? New Study Shows Less than 1 in 4 Are

Exercise, vitamin D may prevent falls: guidelines | Yahoo! Health

Exercise, vitamin D may prevent falls: guidelines | Yahoo! Health

"Vitamin D, exercise and physical therapy, however, are moderately beneficial, reducing the risk of falling by 13 to 17 percent (see Reuters Health report of December 21, 2010)."

Avoiding Vitamin D can cause other internal Cancers

"It’s becoming increasingly clear that strict avoidance of ultraviolet (UV) light significantly increase the risk of dying from internal cancers." John Cannell MD

More and more studies are showing that lack of Vitamin D is causing disruptions to other functions of the body. According to this article the "anti sun" movement began in the early 1980's. Medical organizations began to make claims about the negative affects UV light would have on the skin. However, they did not equally address the importance of Vitamin D and supplementing for sun avoidance.

Dr. Cannell recommends using low pressure UV beds and Vitamin D supplements in the winter months, because using supplements alone is not enough.

To read further click here

Great Dock Canoe Race

Zoom Tan was a sponsor for the 36th Annual Great Dock Canoe Race this year in Naples. Fla. 

Pauly Shore, seen here with some Zoomers, made an appearance at the event.

All proceeds raised went to the Naples Zoo.

New Sunscreen Rules

For years Dermatologists have been saying the daily use of sunscreen is necessary in shielding ones skin from "harmful" UV rays. Recently, however, it has been argued that key ingredients in sunscreens are more harmful than helpful, and SPF claims have been questioned by consumers.

Today an article was published by Dr. Leslie Baumann, M.D, which brings light to consumers new changes in regulating sunscreens.

Some of the changes include:
To find out more about the changes in regulations on sunscreen click HERE

Be in the know - Skin Type

One of the most important pieces of information you need to know when you go tanning is your skin type. The salon associate is trained to help identify and further educate you what skin type you are if you are unsure. Zoom Tan salon associates are all trained in sunburn prevention. Burning of the skin by UV rays is what causes damage to cells and may result in various forms of skin cancers. TANNING is not linked to skin cancer. Tanning is your body's natural protection to harmful UV rays.

It is very important to understand your skin type and how it will affect your tanning ability. Skin Type I tanners can not UV tan without burning. This is when understanding the importance of burning prevention is most important. Some Type I skin types believe by burning their skin it will inevitably create a tan. FALSE. Type 1 skin types need to be shown an alternative to UV tanning, such as spray tanning. Skin type II tanners are prone to burning, but with patience will develop a tan.

Developing the best tan means understanding your skin type, and the products and equipment you use.

What is your skin type?

Tanning helps in the fight against Cancer

For the past few decades Dermatologists - with the help of various media outlets - have convinced a large portion of the public that indoor tanning is the cause of many forms of skin cancer. However, there is little evidence linking the two. A recent study shows that there is in fact no association between indoor tanning and melanoma.

"In a recent review of the available research into the relative risk for malignant melanoma and tanning bed use, the researchers concluded that tanning bed use was not associated with melanoma, and, in fact, can decrease ten times more cancers than they might potentially contribute to"

There are many factors involved in choosing a "safer" tanning bed. including the type of ballasts used and the amount of UVA that is released. Beds that emit less UVA rays than the sun are consider "safer" along with beds that use electronic ballasts instead of magnetic ballasts. (Zoom Tan beds fall under both of these categories).

For more information on this studies findings click here

Apr 16 2014
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Apr 11 2014
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Apr 09 2014
Congrats to Stephanie for winning the Dr. Dre Beats headphones in the sales contest.

Apr 04 2014
Zoom Tan is hiring. Please visit: http://zoomtan.com/careers for openings near you!

Apr 03 2014
Congrats to Danielle for winning a Dr. Dre Beats Pill speaker in the sales contest.

Apr 03 2014
Zoom Tan #83 is now open in Massena, NY at 162 Harte Haven Plaza http://zoomtan.com/locations_newyork.php?location=massena

Mar 31 2014
JWOWW Buy One Get One Free Sale at Zoom Tan! Go to www.zoomtan.com/bg for details! Forward to all your friends!

Mar 28 2014
Zoom Tan #82 is now open in Hamburg, NY at 4151 Mckinley Parkway http://zoomtan.com/locations_newyork.php?location=hamburg

Mar 26 2014
Just a reminder: Your Zoom Tan membership is good at any of our locations nationwide!