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Zoom Tan | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept cash?

None of the Zoom Tan salons take cash. We accept debit or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). We also accept gift and prepaid cards for any non recurring purchases.

2. Why don't you take cash?

Zoom Tan does not accept cash for the safety of our clients and employees.

3. What do I need to bring with me in order to tan at Zoom Tan?

All tanning requires that you bring a valid driver's license & cell phone.

4. Can I come in without having a membership?

Of course. We always welcome anyone that comes in, you can do single sessions of UV and Spray tanning anytime you would like without needing a membership.

5. How much are your memberships?

All of our membership pricing is listed on our website.
• Here is the link to all of our membership options & pricing: Zoom Tan Membership Store
• All yearly memberships are offered at a discounted rate compared to monthly membership pricing.

6. Can I call a certain location directly?

No, all calls are routed to our customer service department. Everyone in our customer service department can answer any questions you may have. We do this so that the associates in the store are able to focus on the clients in store. Our customer service phone number is (239) 465-4285.

7. Do you have a lost and found?

Although Zoom Tan is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the salon, we do have a lost and found at all of our locations. You are more than welcome to give us a call and we can see if we have what you're looking for!

8. What kind of sales do you have going on this month?

Every day is different at Zoom Tan, so we will only know of sales going on the day of. Typically we will send out a text message when we have a sale going on.

9. Why am I not receiving the promotional texts anymore?

There could be a couple reasoning's behind this:
1) You may have replied "STOP" at some point to the text messages which will put you on our "Do Not Text" list.
2) Your phone number may not be verified.
3) You have not visited a Zoom Tan location recently. Our texts are based off of purchasing history and you have to visit us periodically in order to stay on the list.
If you think you may have opted out please contact our customer service at (239) 465-4285 to opt back in.

10. How do I start receiving the promotional texts?

All of our current and active members/clients receive the texts. Just visit and try out a Zoom Tan location near you. The salon associate will take your information and create a customer profile for you. Once that is completed, you will be on our list to receive our regular coupons and promotions. You have to re-visit a Zoom Tan periodically to stay on the list.

11. Can I use my membership wherever I want or can I only go to where I signed up?

You are able to utilize any memberships or packages at any location in the USA!

12. What do I need to sign up?

Just bring in your driver's license, cell phone, and a credit or debit card and we can get you all set up in the store! You can also sign up online through our Online Membership Store. You simply just pick the plan you want and follow the registration and payment steps that follow.

13. My payment declined, how do I update my card or pay my balance?

If you have a balance for your monthly membership, you can navigate to our Payment Page and make your payment. You can also update your card online by visiting our Member's Portal. You will have to create an account or login and then proceed to the "Billing Information" section in order to complete the process.

14. Can I pay for someone else's membership?

We do not accept 3rd party credit cards for monthly memberships. However, you can pay for someone's package, year, single visit or products as long as you are present with your credit/debit card.

15. Where do I go to cancel?

For your convenience all cancellations are handled online. Our cancellation link is found on our main menu under "My Account" or you can just click on the following link: Cancel Zoom Tan Membership. You can cancel the auto pay as early as 10 days after you join and can continue to use your membership for the remainder of the month.

16. Why am I having problems cancelling?

Most issues with cancellation are caused by unpaid balances or incorrect/missing contact information. Please be sure you have resolved all past due payments with Zoom Tan and be sure that your current information (license, phone number, etc) are up to date with what we have in our system. If you have any questions or further issues please contact our customer service at (877) 966-6826 or chat online with a live agent.

17. What happens if my information is not up to date and I want to cancel?

For client security reasons, we ask that you update your information at one of our locations. You will need to bring your drivers license with you. Once your information is corrected, you will be able to cancel online right after.

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