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Why Stand Up Booths?

Zoom Tan uniquely offers only stand up tanning booths and it's not just because you get a better, all round tan. Hygiene was Zoom Tan's primary reason for eliminating tanning beds and exclusively using standup tanning booths! Tanning is a very physical activity. Most indoor tanners choose to tan naked and 100% of tanning customers are partially naked. We strongly feel that it's not wise to expose so much bare skin repeatedly on the same porous surface used repeatedly by so many naked or partially naked people. We simply did not want to deal with the unknown burden of "what if". Frankly speaking, it's just nasty to think that your naked body is laying on the exact same surface as hundreds of other naked bodies have before you! Yes we know tanning beds are sanitized after every tanning session. But there are three serious flaws with bed cleanliness.

#1: Many beds get cleaned partially, poorly or hurriedly.

#2: Not every bed gets cleaned! That's a fact. Employees often just forget or miss a bed altogether!

#3: Tanning bed disinfectant must be left on for 7 minutes or longer according to the manufacturer's recommendation. Have you ever seen anyone wait that long?


It's just not practical/possible to provide a hygienic tanning experience on a tanning bed with an acrylic surface. This is why Zoom Tan offers a DARKER, FASTER, CLEANER® tanning experience!

Have any questions about Zoom Tan? Check out our FAQ's page or read more about Zoom Tan:

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