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UV Tanning | Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much are your individual UV tans?

All of our UV beds are level 5 and cost $1.50 per minute (up to 12 minutes) for non-membership tanning.

2. How old do you have to be to UV tan?

This differs state by state. In Florida and Georgia we require that you be at least 15 with parental consent. Pennsylvania have a state minimum tanning age of 17 with parental consent and New York requires that you must be an adult (18+ yrs) to UV tan.

3. Do I need to make an appointment for a UV tan?

At Zoom Tan all we only take walk-ins, so you can always come in whenever you are ready!

4. Do you have lay down beds?

We only have Level 5 Stand Up booths at all of our locations.

5. Why do you only have stand ups?

Zoom Tan uniquely offers only stand up tanning booths and it's not just because you get a better, all round tan. Hygiene was Zoom Tan's primary reason for eliminating tanning beds and exclusively using standup tanning booths! Tanning is a very physical activity. Most indoor tanners choose to tan naked and 100% of tanning customers are partially naked. We strongly feel that it's not wise to expose so much bare skin repeatedly on the same porous surface used repeatedly by so many naked or partially naked people. We simply did not want to make our customers deal with the unknown burden of "what if". View our Tanning Hygiene Page to read more about why stand up booths are cleaner and better.

6. Do you have UV tanning at all of your locations?


7. What do I need to sign up?

Just bring in your driver's license, cell phone, and a credit or debit card and we can get you all set up in the store! You can also join online by visiting either our Online Store & Member Portal. You simply pick the plan you want and follow the registration and payment steps that follow.

For General & Spray Tanning FAQs click below:

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