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Zoom Tan/Fit Leasing Opportunities

Do you have available property that would be great for a Zoom Tan/Fit store? We are aggressively looking for 100 new sites and we want to be at your location! Check out the details below.

Submit A Location

Please contact Christina Holden at or click the button below to email our leasing department with details about your location!

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About Zoom Tan & Zoom Fit

Zoom Tan is a fast growing chain of corporately owned, high end tanning salons. Zoom Fit is a smart, connected fitness center with highly advanced equipment & integrated app technology that personalizes every workout to each individual's desired outcome. Landlords benefit from our high foot traffic, a predominantly female client base and locations backed by an experienced support staff.

What We're Looking For

Zoom Tan/Fit is interested in securing prime locations in your area right now! The Zoom Tan/Fit chains are expanding, and there is high demand for suitable sites nationwide. Our flexible floor plans mean we can locate a store within almost any facility that you may have. It is in our best interest, as well as yours, that once a site is filled with a Zoom Tan/Fit location that it remains a Zoom Tan/Fit location. To submit a site for consideration, or if you have any questions, contact us today!

Leasing Process

All real estate selections for Zoom Tan/Fit begin with a proposal to a local Director of Real Estate. To have information forwarded to a Director of Real Estate in your area, click "Contact Us" above email us your site details.